2024 To-Learn List

Things to learn this year:

  1. Understand deeply about data governance and compliance
  2. How to mitigate risk on data and infrastructure
  3. Improve “design sense”
  4. How to create awesome videos

What do you want to do this year?


Composer detected issues fix

This is the error that somehow I frequently got lately:

Fatal error: Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 8.1.0”. You are running 7.4.33. in

In order to fix this, just run:

valet use [email protected] --force

This assumes that you are using Laravel Valet for your development environment.


What’s Next?

It’s not finding job.

You have plenty of jobs searching for you.

It’s not about just money either. You rejected a few with way bigger monetary compensation.

To find something that you will say: interesting.

Life is about a journey. Process of self-discovery if you will.


One Year Into Entrepreneurship

Or maybe the right word is… nearly one year.

I stopped working 9-5 on 16th March 2021.

And I started working 24-7 on 17th. Hah. And I wrote this post on 8 February 2022.

Enter the world of entrepreneurship. Maybe it’s not the right word. I think the right word is I work as a freelance guy. Instead of having one boss, I have multiple bosses (clients).

Freedom. But freedom means a lot of things. Freedom to be rich… and the freedom to be uncertain.

Certainty is not always an option.

There is a good month. There is a bad month.

Where everything is not constant. And sometimes people pay early. And sometimes, late.

It’s scary how scary it is. And now I understand why some biz gurus suggested that do not do crazy things after you have a kid and settled down.

You have no idea how turbulent things are.

Maybe that’s how I learned best. By trying.

Alright. Time to brush up my resume. See what’s out there and contribute my skills as an employee.

From startup, to bank, to corporate world, to one’s freelancing gig… and now into the world as an employee again.

It’s good to live as many lives as possible. At least you learn.


Intro to Flutter – for Fun

So somehow I started playing with Flutter in 2018 and I actually recorded it the first time I play with it!

Here’s the video:

Maybe I should just record me talking about Flutter and all in much, much more detailed. It might be the future language of Android, after all.


How to remove unwanted .idea file from git

Sometimes you accidentally committed .idea files (different on each computer) and you want to remove it. So here’s the command needed to remove the unwanted file from git your git’s cache:

git rm --cached -r .idea/.

That’s all. Happy playing with git!


Management and Programming?

Right now, I do a) business development, b) project management and c) programming. This is quite a new role to me. Previously I am more focused and rarely do things outside of coding (I am using programming and coding interchangeably today).

Actually I am quite frustrated with this. If I am focused on coding, it means that I can show my work in terms of screens created or problems solved.

But for project management and business development, you can’t show much except the business you bring in and the gantt charts you’ve created. Since I am doing those three at the same time, my “show of productivity” are divided into three and since it’s hard for human (me) to be in the flow to work, actually the amount of code I generated have dramatically reduced compared to the previous 3 months.

This is something new to me.

And it’s a good challenge.

I learned a lot on how to budget (time and money), how to do the business side of IT (I have created tender as well) as well as to juggle these tasks. The higher you go, the more you have to manage it properly or you will succumb to busyness and not productive.

Let’s do more and learn more this year.


Happy New Year!

What’s the best way to start a new year for a geek other than coding at night? Tonight I practiced coding in Python by tackling a problems that I got from Project Euler’s archives. You can view the first 2 problems I solved in my Github.

Since it’s already a new year, so what’s my wishes this year?

Well, I have some wishes such as:

  1. I wish to build and have my own simple SaaS running
  2. Make and Kokotiam self-sustaining
  3. Take care of my body and my mind better
  4. Create a Programming Course. I haven’t decided which language yet though (PHP? Laravel? Vue? React? Or Python? Swift? Java? Or something else?)

Anyway, let us all wish for a better future ahead! 

Happy New Year all!


How to Install PIP and CodeIntel on Mac OS Mojave

Mojave has its own  Python installed already. Just run this inside your Terminal :

python --version 

and you will see that there is a version installed.

So all you had to do to install PIP if you already have installed Python is by typing this:

sudo easy_install pip

and you will have installed PIP after that. I use PIP to Install CodeIntel.

To Install CodeIntel, remember to put Sudo in front of the command.

sudo pip install -U CodeIntel


What’s The Best Way to Learn New Framework?

By doing.

As simple as that.

For example, I don’t know the difference between Bootstrap 3 and 4.

So I created a project based on Bootstrap 4.

A simple dictionary website for people to find meaning of a word.

Basically it’s a place for people to search for meaning of a word in Malay.

To make it better, I also use Google Translate API to grab meaning in English and insert it into the DB. So it doesn’t have to query Google Translate all the time. It only query it one time and then I insert it into the DB.

The second time people visit the same page, the page won’t call Google Translate API again. Just have to query the database. I use MySQL for this project.

I originally use Vue with Axios for this website. Vue is after all the hottest thing right now. I first used it in one of the take-home coding interview and it seems quite interesting to use.

But the moment I saw the website in Google Index, it seems that Google doesn’t really crawl all the links inside.

So I turned back to using vanilla HTML website again.

I need to figure out a way how to make a Google-friendly Javascript-based website before I use Vue again.

At the website I also implemented a simple search suggestion using Bootstrap Typeahead so people can know what’s in the database before they click Cari.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that I am doing on the website under the hood. It’s pretty simple website, sure. But it means that I can learn how to use Bootstrap 4, Vue and Axios.

That’s how we can learn how to use a new programming framework — by using it. Every framework is a little bit different and the best way to learn about it is to implement it yourself.

So have a look at Makna Perkataan and tell me what you think!