One Year Into Entrepreneurship

Or maybe the right word is… nearly one year.

I stopped working 9-5 on 16th March 2021.

And I started working 24-7 on 17th. Hah. And I wrote this post on 8 February 2022.

Enter the world of entrepreneurship. Maybe it’s not the right word. I think the right word is I work as a freelance guy. Instead of having one boss, I have multiple bosses (clients).

Freedom. But freedom means a lot of things. Freedom to be rich… and the freedom to be uncertain.

Certainty is not always an option.

There is a good month. There is a bad month.

Where everything is not constant. And sometimes people pay early. And sometimes, late.

It’s scary how scary it is. And now I understand why some biz gurus suggested that do not do crazy things after you have a kid and settled down.

You have no idea how turbulent things are.

Maybe that’s how I learned best. By trying.

Alright. Time to brush up my resume. See what’s out there and contribute my skills as an employee.

From startup, to bank, to corporate world, to one’s freelancing gig… and now into the world as an employee again.

It’s good to live as many lives as possible. At least you learn.