Why People Should Hate Blogging for Money

Old title: Why People Should Hate Blogging for Money
New Title: How NOT to blog for money

Sticky Notes: This post have been overwritten thanks to my now-improved style of writing. I believe this will be better than the original post you have seen on this blog. I want and hope you will enjoy the improved post. Enjoy, please. 🙂

Most of the new bloggers are focused on getting the money. They want to create blogs and do blogging so that they can earn money. It is easy, don’t you think? But as with many thousands of new bloggers everyday, it is totally flawed mentality.

This is the cold truth of blogging: You won’t get the money if you don’t have advertisers (or some affiliate programs running on your blog). In order to do so, you need visitors to convince them that you, the blogger are capable of bringing them the money you want. Is it easy to get a loyal, repeating visitor to your blog? I doubt it; that if your mentality is to get money, not to serve the visitors, your audience benefits first.

You need to gave them what they want! The audience need contents which will satisfy their needs or desires. They don’t want to see your intrusive ads or any special offer you want to give them because, they have seen so much of it and they want something else.

Give them that something else and you can get their attentions, to your obtrusive ads and sales letter.

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Original post below:
Imagine there are no people in this planet are NOT blogging for money, I am sure Adsense revenue is far lower than what it should be, Blog Ads won’t exist and many other cash machines does not exist. So, should people hate people who blogs only for money?

I am not saying that money can’t be used as side incentives, but I am against blogging for money. Bloggers usually blog things they like (and complaint), right? But what about these money freak people who only blogs if they were given or see the money? What if they have Y number of blogs and all of them are splogs (spam blogs) which is the fastest way to get money? Isn’t that going to reduce the quality of information available on the internet?

I don’t like bloggers who will only blog solely for money… It sucks and the way they writes look dull and plain. Maybe I will write this later, after I finished thinking what I should write. Haven’t write on this blog for quite some times, am I?

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