Whoring Traffic – Simple Steps for More Traffic (Money)

This is the second series of how not to be crazy marketers (over traffic). You can search for all blog posts on this topic by clicking on the label traffic.

There are many ways you can be a traffic whore. The simplest way to be one is to write how-to articles. Most of the time, a how-to article would become famous in social bookmarking websites such as Digg and Del.Icio.Us. Both social bookmarking services have high rates of short-term traffic which if you are lucky, you can get convert them into your loyal visitors.

Short Term Traffic = Just traffic… and some advertising money
Long Term Traffic = More traffic, do not fluctuate easily = stable and rising income

This is blog. This is the place where you communicate with your prospects, clients and visitors on what you can offer or what you have in mind about certain agenda or issues. Do not block comments unless it is truly necessary to turn off comments – your About Page, Product Page, etc.

Don’t forget that Search Engine loves Authoritative Quality Sites (ref: SEOBook #1, SEOBook #2).

What does Google consider as an authoritative quality website? Why are sites like Yahoo! Shopping, Bizrate, Nextag, MSN Shopping, Dealtime, Pricegrabber, and Shopping.com all ranked in Google as being more valuable than most smaller retail sites? Because they have some editorial guidelines and they spend a ton on marketing. But they all offer similar content, with little differentiation between them, and no value add from one to the next. If Google is so good at determining relevancy why are they ranking so many sites with similar content and similar user experience?
source: SEOBook, But is it SPAM?

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