How to Use Motivation To Boost Your Sales

Two days ago I started learning Japanese seriously. Really serious. I never have been this serious before except when I wrote profit-pulling sales letters for select clients.

I read mangas, impressed with Japanese arts, interested in their cultures for all my life and yet I only started learning after a few years. Tim Ferris calls it as “Harajuku Moment”.

A moment where there is a single instance in our lives that cause the switch to flip and turn our inaction into fiery determination to take whatever it takes to achieve the goal we have set.

You must understand that people are hard to change. And IT IS hard to change.

Why? Because we are wired to do things that we are comfortable with. You know how funny it is when people try to change you so hard that they give up?

Well, that because they don’t understand the fact that people does not like to be guided by others. They want to believe whatever they do is their decision. Yes… their decision. That’s why most preachers failed. They failed to make people believe that the action that they will take is theirs, not of the preacher.

If they believe the preacher is trying to win them over, they will resist to whatever idea they are presenting and that, my friend, is the same as selling.

People love to believe that they are in control of what they want. If they believe that it might do them good without significant change in their lifestyle, they will do it immediately.

For example: walking. If you are so used to drive a car to go from one place to another, you will get bored and want a change of pace. Then you read something about the virtues of walking. It will increase the blood flow, decrease the risk of heart attack and make you last longer in bed.

And you think it’s not a bad idea. Then you walk from your home to a shop near you just to buy some fruit juice and buy some groceries.

If you did that, the author of the article has successfully implanted the idea that you should try walking. If you went from just another walk to a daily ritual, the article about walking has successfully convinced you to do a very relaxing physical activity that could even save his life.

Direct response on the other hand moves people from a comfortable position to do something they might be uncomfortable with: get your wallet out and give me your account information so I could charge you RM37 for a product that may make you weigh 5 kilogram less.

So what’s the best way to make to make the sale?

By making the process as comfortable as possible for them. Nothing has changed, believe me. Seriously. Nothing has changed. But… You just have to do this only… and this… and this… and you will lose 5 kilos. I got myself RM37, and you got yourself 5 kilos less than a month before.

Now let me clear something up: you probably won’t be able to make them comfortable. They will be uncomfortable. Who in the right mind will be comfortable giving someone they doesn’t know they hard-earned money? No one. Except when people trust you.

Marketing really is about making people to believe that the choice that they make is theirs, and not others.

The reality is, people are the sum of the experiences that they have. Conciously, or unconciously. That’s how marketers market their product, and you need to think of how you can make people say… “aha… this is the product I WANT”.

When you are able to do that, my friend, you have successfully created a good marketing campaign.

So I have a question for you. As a reader of this blog, what do you want to see in this blog? What is a question that you think is so hard to tackle concerning marketing on the Internet, or even business in general. I think I can give you some from my 7 years experience (from 2006 until now) as a consultant, copywriter and programmer.

Seize the day,
– Abdul Rahman

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