Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

It seems that Social Media is talk of the town. More and more marketers are discussing about it. More and more people are cashing in the phenomenon. From Dell’s new Webware, Ideastorm, to new Microsoft toy, MSN Reporter. Many of Digg-er fans are accusing both of them as a clone of Digg, one of the best social media I’ve known of so far.

Well, what’s in it for us – marketers?
We can use this new phenomenon to optimise our site to get higher chance of getting targeted traffic to our site. Let me list all what you need in order to make your site “Social Media Ready”:

  • Use the correct plugins (for WordPress users) such as Subscribe Me from Semiologic
  • Make your site usable!
  • – There’s no use of having so much buttons (Google Reader,, My Yahoo!, etc.) as it will only cause your site serious usability problem – no one want to see so much button while there’s only few people truly use from!

  • Use simple language
  • – Do not make your word so ‘wise’ that people don’t understand a thing from what you said

  • Know who you talk to
  • – There’s an excellent post written by the famous Brian Clark of Copyblogger on what you need to know about this topic

  • Make your “vote button” easily reachable
  • – Or else your site user will suffer from “I don’t see any button to vote to” disease.

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Last but not least, I hope you’re going to benefit from this list, sayonara.

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