Permission? Come on! There’s NO Permission!

Marketers love to talk about permission based marketing. One of the examples of permission based marketing would be double opt-ins. People are required to validate their email addresses to get the required “free stuff, or newsletter”; thus, a permission to send you an e-mail from them.

I just read Bob’s post on Google’s Contempt for Copyright. It’s great read. Make sure you read it. Back to the point, do people on the internet cares about permission (except many white hat marketers)? I don’t think so. You can find thousands of videos made using musics by many popular singer, especially AMV (Anime Music Videos) I’ve watched this type of video far more than I can remember and I love watching them but, what’s the impact of no-permission based works like AMV and fan made stuff? Will it affect the business the bad way or the good way?

Pics from Wikipedia

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