Passions in Your Business

When somebody say, “many religions describe Heaven as a place where we would not want for anything. I’m sorry that sounds like Hell to me”, what do you think about that man? That’s what Jim Norton of Small Business Boomers said on the fuss-free heaven.

I am 100% assured problem-free heaven is good. No poverty to deal with, no social responsibilities, no social issues people talk today… what a world.

Anyway, I’m here not to talk about all those heavenly stuff. I want to talk about passion, why you need them and why you need to make yourself “better” with them.

I’m in love with you – my business.

What do you think about man who is in truly in love with some woman? Is he dreaming to wed that woman or is he dreaming on destroying it? It’s obvious that they want to preserve it and take it to a whole new level.

But how in this world they’ve ruined their relationship? Lack of trust, lack of mutual cooperation, understanding and even passion play their roles on cracking a relationship between two people.

Passions stands for love and everything else is self-explanatory. You need love to enjoy things you do. You shouldn’t go to a job you don’t like at all. You need to find something in your job you love. The money you get from it, satisfaction from it or probably a handsome/cute boss waiting for you in office, find what you love in your job. That’s for people working under somebody’s nose. What about business people like Jim Norton, Darren Rowse of Problogger do to get their passions? Jim Norton states that:

My personal agenda has always been to learn something, have an adventure and make money. I’ve spent most of my work life applying computer technology to business problems. The best part about that is that I got to learn a great deal about a wide range of businesses over the past three and a half decades.

You need it. Passion to get a business running at a maximum speed. You need to have:

  • You need a tunnel vision, singlemindness of a passion can be troublesome – you’re going to make your other responsibility as problem
  • You need to conserve your energy for a better purpose – you need it when trouble kics in
  • Don’t go overboard, stop being over-passion with your biz, or you’ll suffer if it’s suffer miserably.

This post is based on Jim Norton’s post on Passion in Biz.

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