Working Examples of Viral Marketing

Do you want to know how viral marketing works? Just take a peek at eMoms at Home blog. You will see Wendy Piersall applying viral marketing to promote her blog effectively. She make a competition, full with highly valued prizes ranging from Adsense-related product, site analysis (which some deemed as the most important to have in marketing on net), and many, many other.

My original post:

eMom at Home is running a contest to build her authority in this field. The winners will get prizes from Uncommon Adsense, GoStat Analytics Tracking, SEO Site Analysis and so on.

So, why do I make this post? This post was made to link to her blog so that I am eligible to the drawing (for the prizes) and to inform all of you. So, head to eMom at Home and read how you can enter into the drawings. Wish all of you good luck.

Press Release: Malaysia Deserves Better Broadband

This post is made as a Malaysian citizen.

Two Malaysian tech startups, & declare war on bad broadband services, and provide marketing & advertising ammunition to competing ISPs.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 April 2007., an online blog advertising network and, a website which campaigns for broadband reform and improvement in Malaysia have launched the “Malaysia Deserves Better Broadband!” campaign.

To mark the launch of the campaign, an innovative advertising system has been created that allows local ISPs to target and advertise their services to verified users of competing broadband services – to more than 50,000 Malaysian Internet users a day.

The launch of the “Malaysia Deserves Better Broadband!” campaign is timely, as it is an avenue to drive the nation to get closer to achieving the target of 50% household broadband penetration by the year 2008, an aim of the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry and the Government through the MyICMS 886 Plan. Currently, the broadband penetration rate in Malaysia is only about 3-5% of the population.

The advertising system is distributed over hundreds of Malaysian blogs, under the Advertlets blog advertising network. Each computer accessing the internet has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, which can be used to identify the geographic location of visitors as well as determine what internet service provider they are using (Each ISP is allocated a certain range of IP adresses).

The system, which consists of an embedded advertising code on blogs and a sophisticated backend, then uses its database of IP addresses in Malaysia, and matches each IP to the appropriate Malaysian ISP (Internet Service Provider) to display relevant advertising. For example, if ISP X wanted to reach customers of ISP Y, they could choose to advertise with Advertlets, and the advertisements for ISP X would only be shown to those who are using ISP Y’s services.

Currently, the system can detect virtually every ISP in Malaysia : including TM Net, DiGi Internet Exchange, NasionCom, MaxisNet, Airzed, Time Telekom, NTT MSC / Arc Net, Jaring / MIMOS (MIX), CNX Solutions, EB Technologies, Bizsurf, and more. There are further plans to upgrade the system to be able to detect the location of potential viewers, to be able to target users of a certain ISP in Kajang or Kelana Jaya for example.

Josh Lim, director of Josh Lim Ventures, which is responsible for both and has this to say : “A lot of consumers are not aware that there are more services than just the incumbent broadband provider (TM Streamyx), due to the fact that the broadband market here is largely occupied by them alone. From the feedback we have received, a lot of people are dissatisfied with the speed and service quality of the Streamyx service, however, many feel that there is no where else to go. TM spends millions on marketing its Streamyx broadband service through online, TV, radio, outdoor advertising and print media. “

Mr Lim goes on to say: “However, through targeted blog advertising, even with a budget of a few thousand ringgit, the smaller ISPs can compete fairly in promoting their services to online users over hundreds of Malaysian blogs, and foster greater competition in the arena. That’s the beauty of targeted advertising – it reaches directly to the people that matter, and maximizes your marketing budget. “

He explains what is holding competition in the broadband area here back, and how it can be better for consumers and ISPs: “Smaller ISPs find it hard to compete with a company with millions of dollars to spend in advertising, and it is hard for them to sustain their business without gathering a sufficient number of new subscribers. Blogs are emerging as a formidable new media outlet for information, and we feel it is a great opportunity for us to help bloggers earn extra side income, as well as help ISPs to deliver better broadband to them. It is a win-win situation for all.”

He cited the recent competition in the prepaid mobile sector between Maxis Hotlink, Digi Prepaid and Celcom Xpax as a positive turn of events that has benefited consumers in terms of reduced prices and better services.

He says: “Malaysia cannot grow further as an IT hub without having better broadband services. We aim to spur competition in the broadband sector through providing this service, and start an ‘arms race’ that will benefit the consumers. We would love to see ISPs here compete to outdo each other in offering more coverage, better services and lower rates, as this is highly beneficial for consumers”.

Internet Service Providers who are interested in targeted blog advertising of their services in this manner are invited to check out for more information, or e-mail . Alternatively, they may contact Josh Lim Ventures through telephone at: 03-78049282, or by mobile at 0123119141.


Launched symbolically on 31st August 2006, is a private sector initiative that aims to improve the sorry state of broadband services here. It is the “ultimate initiative on broadband issues” in Malaysia, an independent project to educate consumers about the broadband situation in Malaysia. It features news on broadband related developments interactive coverage map detailing broadband options throughout the nation as well as a list of ISPs available in Malaysia. The website has been featured, and its founder, Josh Lim has been interviewed on The Breakfast Show on NTV7, as well as the cover story of NetValue 2.0 in The Edge.

About is an Asian blog advertising network that launched on March 9th, 2007. Launched first in Malaysia, it has already signed up hundreds of bloggers, and currently, there are 1.4 million impressions available for advertising. Advertlets provides something truly unique to online advertising, through the use of blog demographics for individual blogs (Gender, Age Range, Profession), as well as targeted advertising which can be used to only target Malaysian visitors.

About Josh Lim Ventures

Josh Lim Ventures is the founding company behind RedesignMalaysia, Advertlets and Josh Lim & Associates. Believing in an interactive design style with substance, intelligence and an edge, they create impressive, highly functional websites incorporating rich-media technologies, with an aim on providing useful services to Malaysian internet users.
Previously, they have worked on projects for Proton, Cineleisure Damansara, The Manhattan Fish Market, Pernod Ricard (Chivas Regal & Martell V.S.O.P), The Malaysian Energy Commision as well as the websites for Malaysian celebrities Daniel Tan, Ferhad & Joanna Bessey.

Its principal, Josh Lim, a designer by training, is influential in the field of interactive design and the local tech industry, having co-founded, a community for web designers as well as having been featured in The Star, Cleo Magazine, The Edge Malaysia & Singapore, TV3, Astro Ria & 8TV in relation to his work. He is also an active public speaker on the subjects of design and entrepreneurship, and last did a college speaking tour in conjunction with Nescafe Kickstart and MYC Magazine.

Copywriters Dilemma

Everyone have their own dilemma, me included. I don’t really have a good idea how to write the sales letter which will satisfy my clients needs.

Is it a hype-type sales letter (full with bombastic claim, it’s different from lying) or a conservative type sales letter. I read Peter Stone’s blog and found out that both sales letter worked and it’s up to me to choose which one to use. So which one should I use primarily?

Just noticed this; the way I write sucks big time! I need to change… but how?

The Under Priced Idiot

Don’t offer cheap price for your service, increase it, multply it and profits from it. There is no reason for you to offer cheap service if you BELIEVE you can do it.

Learn how to take advantage on your clients. I am not saying that you should charge ridiculously high but offer them certain objective to entice them to pay you more. “I will give you what you want, you give me what I want”.

Off-topic but I wish to tell everyone why I choose to make John Doe as my alias. John Doe symbolise someone who does not have any identity and I should be like that. (Although I am not 🙂
Abdul Rahman / John Doe / Strongblur

How Much Do You Value Your Words?

Care to tell me how much your words are worth for in dollars, ringgits or any currency (if possible, please provide exchange rate)? I know I don’t value my words as I only charge few dollars for 2 page sales and lead letter.

I recently come to believe that I have to value every single word I write to make myself look professional in front of my prospects as well as audience. If I don’t they will say I am just another cheap copywriter waiting for job to come by. I do not want it to happen because I planned to be a millionaire in the next five years! It’s impossible for me to be rich while making me looks inexpensive, low quality copywriter/writer.

Do you value your words?

How do you write your post?

I just found an interesting article in Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox (April 16, 2007) which states why it is better to use “23” instead of “twenty-three” in your blog post (or websites).

One of the reasons given is that it will enable visitors to quickly scan your site for facts and number usually represents data or facts. Instead of copy pasting the whole thing, you can visit Alertbox for more information.

Now You Know How Hard It Is To

Now You Know that Being a Pro(Blogger) is Not as Easy as Eating Cakes

I believe most of you do not know how hard it is to find a specific focus for your blog. Probably, I am the worst blogger I have known so far. I know what are the necessities of being a good blogger (or problogger, some called) yet again, I am not able to achieve it. I have read Killer Flagship Content (Chris Garret) and I know the importance of having a flagship contents for my blog. Unfortunately, I do not have the real and specific purposes to do so. I created this blog basically to be a public diary on what’s going on in my freelancing life and now it’s breached that limit. I am talking more and more about inspiration, motivation and things which doesn’t really have specific links to freelancing (although it’s necessary for freelancers to have one).

So, I am now going to find my purposes and I hope with that, I am going to be a better blogger and better service provider from this day. Hopefully. I will announce when I decides what is the purpose of this blog and I hope my action shall do no harms but more excellent reading for every readers of this blog.

Abdul Rahman a.k.a John Doe

What Inspire You? – Part II

A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner. – Anonymous

Sometimes lack of motivation is used to make excuses on the lack of success. Is it true that lacks of success is because we don’t have enough motivation? I doubt that should be the case.

We know that success doesn’t come easily to great people, they face adversity and setbacks way worse than what we are going to face. They are ridiculed for their ideas which soon be great assets in our lives. They face them and you can as well. It is not critics that we should care about, the only person we should care of is ourselves. You must not let critics silence you from doing things you really wants. What they want to say is for you to ridicule or amuse yourself later – after you succeed.

You have the power to choose and choose wisely what you want to do, either making the lack of inspiration, motivation or anything as an excuses for your own failure or making the lacks of it as a motivation to be more successful than what you used to be before.

Later, I will tell you what you have to do to develop necessary traits of successful person and it shall be a good lesson for both you and this blog’s reader.

I believe the first trait to be successful entrepreneur is to strive against all obstacles.

Just remove the word adversity out of your lives and you are one step forward to your own objectives.

Abdul Rahman a.k.a John Doe

How You Can Double Your Profits Easily

Imagine after you downloaded and read all stuffs I am going to give away will make you two times higher paid than what you used to be?

Is that possible? Yes, I bet you canif you apply everything I am going to give away.

The first thing you need to increase your online online sales is to have effective headlines, in your blog post, sales letter, newsletter and such. For this, I recommend you to read: Why Do Some Headlines Fail?

This report is made by Sean D’Souza which famous with his copywriting blog, Spider Secret. From this report, you will get tips on how to make an effective headlines, thus making more profits from it.

Second thing I want to recommend is Michel Fortin’s blog. A blog? You might be asking but I believe this blog will help you improve the way you write your overall letter and improve your persuasive skill along the way.

Third resource which you should read is Brian Clark’s Copyblogger. Another blog about copywriting but with all only three resource, I doubt you will ever need more. You will learn how to make a powerful post opener, how to magnetise (to make your blogs attract visitors, audience like a powerful magnet) your blog, and many, many other interesting things.

That’s three for now, do you need more? I think you should. Read more and you will learn more although with just above resource, you could jump start your copywriting/online business…

If you’re wondering why I say you can double your profits with 5 words, it’s about headline. Without a good headline, your audience will not look at your sales letter more than 1 seconds before browsing to more persuasive websites. Will post more resources later on.

Are You Inspired Person?

What inspire you to work? What inspire you to be better and lose your fatty layer? What inspire you to make the most out of your life? Is it a gorgeous girl you just met recently or things you always love? It is you to decide. I am writing this not to say about things that inspire you but to inform you one certainty I have learned today; it is not things you inspired from that will makes differences but you. Only you can change your life.

You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called “life.” Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or hate them. The meaning of life is different for every individual. Each person has his or her own purpose and distinct path, unique and separate from anyone else’s. As you travel your life path, you will be presented with numerous lessons that you will need to learn in order to fulfill that purpose. The lessons you are presented with are specific for you; learning these lessons is the key to discovering and fulfilling the meaning and relevance of your own life.

You will be presented with lessons in every circumstance that surfaces in your life. When you experience pain, you learn a lesson. When you feel joy, you learn a different lesson. For every action or event, there is an accompanying lesson that must be learned. There really is no way to avoid the lessons you are presented with, nor is there any chance that you will be able to skirt around the learning process. [If Life is a Game, These are the Rules by Cherie Carter-Scott]

Source: Lessons of the Day
Pic from stock.xchng member, Ti