Malaysian Programmers Blog List

So how many programmers in Malaysia have their own blog?

In this post, I am going to put up a list of blogs that are written by Malaysian. It can be in either English or Malay.

Crynobone – by Mior Muhammad Zaki

Ful-Lamak! – by Saiful Yusoff

Shahrul Nizam – by Shahrul Nizam

Nasrul Hazim Mohamad – by Nasrul Hazim Mohamad

Blog Pisyek – by Pisyek Kumar

Amirul Abu – by Amirul Abu

Canang Technologies – by Faizal Abdul Manan

Malaysian Developer – by Nurul Haszeli Ahmad – by Khirulnizam Abd Rahman

Software Development the Hard Way – by Hakim Ahmad

Mazamyblog – by Mohammad Aiman

The Kotak – by Umar Luqman – by Ijat

Response.Write() – by Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan

me, myself & mbek – by Hairul Mbek Moktar

Integra Solid – by Muhammad Fathur Rahman

Rizal Mohd Nor – by Rizal Mohd Nor

fajarhac – by Fakhrullah Padzil

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