Lessons in Copywriting

As a new copywriter, I have learned few things about writing a sales letter. This lesson come after I rewrite, rewrite and rewrite my own sales letter more than three times. Some people says it’s simple, but I say it’s tiring. It’s so darn tiring that I do not want to make it the same mistakes again. One of the mistakes I’ve learned is, people hates hype. No matter how good your product is (yes, you know its good), but as a copywriter, we should never make our letters to be way hyped up. Actually, I hate that letter I created.

The second lesson is not a mistake but rather, a revelation to me. For me, sales letter will enable you to gauge how good you are at persuade people. So, how good you are at persuading people?

Pic credit to: Paparutzi of FlickR

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