Is it hard to find a clients?

I kept thinking on how hard could it be to find a client? Well, truth to be told; it is hard. I have been rejected by my friend and he tells me that:“You talk like you know everything”. Let me tell everyone here before I hear same excuses again: I do not know everything. In fact, I know less than many marketers and writers have. I don’t know anything about you (because no one have ever commented), but I believe that you have been rejected as well (at least once). I understand there are mistakes on my part. I lack of communication skill. Thus, miscommunication occurs. From there, many problems start to rise and I sincerely hope I won’t do that mistakes again.

Am I Talking to You?
I just put up a response on Grow Your Writing Business blog post which is Am I Talking to You Meme

I don’t know what I should put but I I hope it is enough for today. Peace to World.

Update: Unfortunately, the website is now dead…

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  1. Hello John Doe

    I really appreciated you taking the time and effort to stop by my blog, and give me your valuable feedback.

    As you say in one of your other posts, that helps me take “another step forward.”

    I’ve been thinking about downloading Chris Garrrett’s “Killer Flagship Content” so you’ve also given me a reminder to do that.

    Thanks again, and all the best.


  2. Hi, Yvonne. You’re the first person to comment on this blog. I really think you should download Killer Flagship Contents because it is awesome.

    It gave me a new perspective on what should I do to attract traffic and money.

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