From Startup to Freedom Review

I am impressed on what Rich Schefren can do for free. This video is awesome, lack of self-advertising mechanisms (except when he is introducing himself) and he really lives up as a guru of gurus. I only watched the first 20 minutes of the video where Mike Filsaime, a very successful internet marketer revealed what is his secret weapon behind his success. I downloaded many slides and I just know that GU.RU (from The Habits of 10 Successful Gurus slide) stands for:

GU = Darkness
RU = Dispel

From it we can now know that guru is someone who is some ordinary person who dispels darkness from peoples live.

“I guess my discomfort stems form the fact that if you think I am different from you, you might say, ‘Well, I can’t do the kind of things Robin talks about because he has talents and abilities I don’t have. All the stuff he talks about is easy for him to do. He’s this guru.’ Nope. Sorry to disappoint you. I’m just a guy working hard to make the best of his days, trying to be a great single dad to my two wonderful children and hoping he’s – in some way – making a difference in peoples’ lives.” – Robin Sharma

I recommend you to visit Strategic Profits for more and more information and don’t be overloaded with information. De-clutter yourself and stop being another person waiting for miracles to happen.

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