Intro to Flutter – for Fun?

So somehow I started playing with Flutter in 2018 and I actually recorded it the first time I play with it!

Here’s the video:

Maybe I should just record me talking about Flutter and all in much, much more detailed. It might be the future language of Android, after all.

Happy New Year!

What’s the best way to start a new year for a geek other than coding at night? Tonight I practised coding in Python by tackling a problems that I got from Project Euler’s archives. You can view the first 2 problems I solved in my Github.

Since it’s already a new year, so what’s my wishes this year?

Well, I have some wishes such as:

  1. I wish to build and have my own simple SaaS running
  2. Make and Kokotiam self-sustaining
  3. Take care of my body and my mind better
  4. Create a Programming Course. I haven’t decided which language yet though (PHP? Laravel? Vue? React? Or Python? Swift? Java? Or something else?)

Anyway, let us all wish for a better future ahead! 😀

Happy New Year all!

Perry Marshall Dissected

If you’ve been reading Perry Marshall’s stuff, you know how good his stuffs are. You could be reading from A to Z, without doing anything else but reading his thing. Since he’s quite close with John Carlton, that might explain one of the reasons why he’s so good in writing his promos.

However, instead of being his fan boy, why don’t I just dissect one of his e-mail promotions he sent to me, and see what tricks he used to make me bit my lips in anger for not having the money to join his club.

I used SnagIt to capture his e-mail and do some quick highlighting across that email.

4-man… urrgh… have to find more money to jump in…

Perry Marshall Guerilla Marketing E-Mail

Hi, just received an e-mail from Perry Marshall on Guerilla Marketing (which you can get for free at this link).

What I like about this particular e-mail is the story told in it. It’s so riveting that I really want to re-read it. He’s such a good copywriter.

Anyway, I’m going to reproduce it here (I have not asked for permission, but if you think it is illegal, please tell me at uniquelyislam[at], thanks).

I’m sure you will love this e-mail as much as I do.

Hi Abdul Rahman,

April 19, 1775: The shot was fired that was
heard ’round the world.

At the Battles of Concord and Battle Road in
Massachussetts, the British met a surprising militia
formation of American farmers. The Redcoats marched
in plain view while colonial minutemen hid behind every
house, tree and fencepost.

The score: Americans lost 93, but the British lost 273.
It was a humiliating start to a war they would eventually lose.

That’s Guerilla Warfare, my friend. Traditional warfare is
“playing by the rules,” but Guerilla warfare means re-defining
the rules, even as the game is being played. It’s tossing
conventional wisdom out the window and becoming your
opponent’s unseen enemy.

Every week I talk to people who are sick and tired of
playing by the rules, and not winning nearly as much
as they could or should.

They’re sick of pulling that black checkbook out of
their top desk drawer, giving money to some media rep
and not knowing if that money is coming back, when
it’s coming back, or how they’ll ever know.

They’re sick and tired of dialing for dollars every
day, trying to get in to see prospects who need what
they have but aren’t willing to listen to “just another

They’re sick and tired of competing only on the
basis of price, when they know that what they sell
is worth far more than what they ask for it.

In marketing, the old rules go something like this:

-“You’ve just got to get your name out there.”

-“Make more phone calls than you made yesterday.”

-“You have to prove to your customer that you’re willing
to work harder, drive more miles, and bend over further
to get his business.”

Today, those rules are a recipe for suicide.
Here’s what some of the NEW rules are:

-When you automate the most labor-intensive parts of
your sales process, you only have to spend time with people
who are ready and willing to buy something from you

-Every marketing and advertising dollar you invest is
held accountable for ROI. It comes back to you with
friends attached.

-All that Madison Avenue talk about “branding” and “image”
is a bunch of BS. It doesn’t work. It’s a waste of money.
But… when your advertising really works, it’s the best place
to invest your money, period.

-You can become a well-known expert, even a celebrity
within your industry, by exercising the power of media and
publicity. When you have that kind of status, it
becomes easy to get appointments and close sales.

Watch for the Guerilla Marketing packet in the mail —
and stay tuned for future updates.

To your success,

Perry Marshall

So, what lesson can we get from this e-mail? Simple. This e-mail, as you noticed do not contain any call to action, but it does build anticipation for this Guerilla Marketing package to arrive.

God knows how much I want this stuff. 😀

Nilus Mative Investing Shop Sales Letter Swipe File

Just browsing through my swipe file in my hard disk and I found Nilus Mative’s Investing Shop sales letter. This sales letter promotes his newsletter and the interesting thing about this sales letter is how straigh forward it is in giving you the offer.

This sales letter is perfect example for this formula:
1. Here’s What I Have
2. Here’s What It Can Do For You
3. Here’s What I Want You To Do

I like the story in this sales letter as well.

So, if you want to get this sales letter, click here to get it.

Want Gary Halbert’s Swipe File?

If you are interested in getting your hands on the swipe file of the one of the best known copywriters on the Internet… then this will be the most important little letter you’ll ever read!

We all know that kind of If… Then… opening. It was made popular by Gary Halbert in his newsletter and he loved this If Then stuff. Anyway, this is just a quick post. I’m going to upload every single sales letter I can find at and post it here with all the relevant links.


Most people are so lazy of finding all those sales letters themselves. Since I want to spend my time other than studying for my STPM (known as the 2nd toughest pre-U exam in the world), so I’ve taken the liberty to search for sales letters I can find in Gary Halbert’s letter and post it up here. Hope you’re okay with that.

What format will I use to upload? It will be in PDF… or DOC… or any format that I prefer.

Opps… I just read our beloved Prince of Print’s website and I found that little tiny paragraph that states that everything we found there are copyright-protected… so I won’t be giving you the PDF or DOC but I’ll give you the direct link instead.

Okay, without going any further, here are some of the sales letters I found in Prince of Print’s website: (Caleb O’Dowd Sex Enhancement Pill) (Eye Center of Tennessee) (James Sheridan Sales Letter — for Agora, I think) (Not Gary’s stuff but… Gary loved that sales letter) (He consider this as the best sales letter that he has ever read) (Sales letter he wrote for Agora)

Lawrence Bernstein has one category devoted to Gary Halbert. Click here to see his archives.

*Still under progress. Check out this blog more often, or you can just subscribe using the Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Click here to be notified through RSS.


This is just a thought on writing… and don’t expect it to be anything grammatical structured or a masterpiece or a good one.

Just a rambling thought of mine.

I noticed that when I write effectively (less of B.S. and more of salesmanship principles), my vision for that work is different than just “write word”. I’m not even thinking of “selling”.

I’m thinking more of “what is in it for them?” And while thinking so, it will increase my chance of creating persuasive sales letter even more.

Instead of thinking of the layout of that ad, I will write whatever I think will attract people and I will stop whenever I think I’m not adding any relevant point in the copy.

Sometimes, I will write too much (go into details too much that I revealed almost all of the secrets I’m selling). Or I will write reasons that shouldn’t be there too. Reasons that could backfire and kill the “getting the sale” process.

I know most of you especially the pros believe that the fastest writing is the best writing and it is true.

Some will write from A to Z of the ads and some will do it in part (like me: I will create the outline of the ad in my brain and then I will write it from A to Z, depending on my mood at that time).

I will write anything that comes into my mind (most of the time, I will write the offer first) and I don’t really care if it is bad, I just write it… though sometimes I get back (while writing) and just cancel it. A habit I got from the school I think.

Below is what I will write *first* when I write any ads. The product is of course, doesn’t exist at all.

And this is a rough draft too.

Buying “ACME guide book for IT department manager” is probably too expensive for you considering this is just an e-book with interviews with the top experts in software industry.

But compared to seminars you attend yearly (that cost you $5,000 per seminar), new whitepapers you read weekly to know the latest, the best way to solve your problems (and risk getting new promotions from one to another every week), this e-book is no brainer for you.

You can get it at just $197 and backed up with our awesome 12-month full money back guarantee and you keep all the bonuses you received.

Remember, you could ask us to give you your money back if you think, in the first 5 minutes you read this guide, it can’t solve you problems dealing with your IT department.

Everyone is different, even the way to write the ad is different to every copywriter.

Here’s More Winning Ads For You

Lurking around the web and trying to find more and more ads to add into my swipe file and I found some nice stuff.

Here they are:

For example, you can download Claude Hopkin and Maxwell Sackheim from Credible Copy.

If you want a very good online sales letter, you can see it all at Stansberryonline.

The website not working for you? Use this link. Or go to Google and type “site:” (without the quote)

Early to Rise Bootcamp 2007 is a good read too.

This list won’t be complete without Gary Halbert’s famous Water Ad.

Want to read Gary Bencivenga’s online sales letter? You can find it David Rosengarten’s website.

Do I have Gary’s work on financial field? Yes I do. Click here to get it.

Do you worship John Carlton? Here’s his stuff: and another one.

If the rumor said Clayton Makepeace writes for Alan Weiss is true, you can see it all by using Google: “” (without quotes of course)

Last but not least, Mal Decker’s legendary ads can be found here.

More swipe file materials:
25 Headlines For You
More Ads

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