Kotlin and Java, side by side in the same app?

Yep. It is possible for Kotlin and Java to live side by side inside the same app. That’s what I did with rider’s app for Karhoo Courier. For the purpose of learning, I only use it in one of the activity. As I said before, the best way to learn is by using what you want to learn with what you have to do.

If you can combine them,  you can learn while achieving your objective of the day (for me, it is to let the riders view the consignment note details).

How to Install PIP and CodeIntel on Mac OS Mojave

Mojave has its own  Python installed already. Just run this inside your Terminal :

python --version 

and you will see that there is a version installed.

So all you had to do to install PIP if you already have installed Python is by typing this:

sudo easy_install pip

and you will have installed PIP after that. I use PIP to Install CodeIntel.

To Install CodeIntel, remember to put Sudo in front of the command.

sudo pip install -U CodeIntel